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Harry D. Schneider, M.D.
Visiting Associate Research Scientist
Fromerly at Columbia University Medical Center
Now at Yale University Medical Center

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Harry D. Schneider, M.D.

Dr. Harry Schneider wants to share with you thoughts and ideas about medical treatments.  He has spent many years in hard science, accomplishing brain research, publishing his results as well as performing both conventional and alternative medicine at Columbia University. He has recently been appointed to the research team at Yale University.

He is an accomplished diagnostician who wants patients to ask questions and learn with him about their medical concerns.  He is here as a guide to help patients evaluate, and then put into action, the best combination of approaches to their treatment.

Scientific and compassionate listening to everything patients need to tell him about their condition has helped him to effectively pinpoint areas of current and  potential health risks. He feels improving your health is a health-team effort – you and him -  and he invites you to be an equal participant in that team. [See Our Philosophy Page]

         “During a consultation with Dr. Schneider, you can expect to be heard!”     

Dr. Schneider’s experience includes neuroscience, brain research at Columbia University Medical Center’s prestigious functional MRI in NYC.  He has investigated the language circuits of the brain, stroke rehabilitation, headaches, and is now currently investigating the neural pathways of children with autism (LINK: AUTISM). He maintains both clinical and private medical practices, and has a broad base in global diseases, often working with the World Health Organization. 

Dr. Schneider believes that the best treatment is  prevention! He is here to help patients who have decided to take that important step towards Pro-Active Wellness as a means toward achieving a longer, healthier and productive life. [See Annual Screenings for Men & Women Page]

Dr. Schneider has always been concerned with Pro-Active Wellness, having first been a golden-gloves boxer and then a continuing practitioner of eastern Martial Arts, where he learned to attain “ Ki”, a powerful concept of life force or vital energy that defines good health.  He deeply feels that becoming motivated to exercise (doing only what you really enjoy) and ‘eating right’  promote self-esteem and untapped will power. He understands that this is often no easy task and has strategies to share that will help those who want help to  achieve their mind-body goals.

On a personal note, Dr. Schneider is a private pilot (land and sea), speaks many languages and writes poetry.  He continually asks medical students if these non-medical skills really help a medical student become a better physician: Does reading Shakespeare make one a better doctor? The answers from many students have revealed that such life experiences clearly allow for a deeper understanding of humankind.

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